The Toast

time to smell the toast…

What’s this all about?  Yes, this is the part where most people say “About This Blog” and share The Why.
Ok, we have the good fortune of being Marketing Ninjas by profession (i.e. on weekdays); a DJ-VJ team by obsession (i.e. on MOST weekends).

It’s seriously hard work having all this fun in different realms, but we really wouldn’t be living our wicked double-life thing well if we didn’t share…

Kristina does online marketing management work for corporates and digital strategy for offshore clients.
Pan is a writer, project manager, and social media specialist.
Our preoccupations  are not all that easy to define– so this blog, the videos, stories and links will hopefully paint a picture for you.

Clever toast-saver idea ~ free to use for subscribers

Clever toast-saver idea ~ free to use for subscribers

Every time we are here with a new entry – it is as if this IS exactly what we’re doing:

Actually smelling the toast.  Others take the time to sniff the flowers and smell the coffee, as they say.
But hey, Toast is The Most.  We have flowers around us all the time, and a world-renowned addiction to coffee.
But taking the time to actually prep-and-butter your toast on top of all that means a true physical and mental break…so here we are.

Our resounding core competency is spotting gaps in a marketplace.
From there we create Marketing Strategies (both web and non-web channels);
and then implement Marketing Campaigns and Product Development that increase the bottom line.

Funny thing is, after nearly a decade of being Marketing Ninjas, we have done the same conceptual frameworks and brought similar logic strings to making Live Events happen; as well as in creating Insane Live Visual Art…We have both performed music and live visuals for event crowds from 200 to 6000; with deejays such as Talamasca, Laughing Buddha, Tristan, Oood, Astrix, Deepsky, Avalon, Skazi and other wicked UK, Australian and Israeli artists…

Over the last 5 years, Kristina has played pretty pictures in hugely different events: from Torture Garden and Psytribe Wedding in Bologna;
from Fridge psy parties to Full Moon Festival in Berlin and Funny Moon Festival in Czech Republic – more in Facebook and YouTube, naturally.

We have both traveled heaps since we were little kids and have no real homeland, neither of us have actually lived in any country for more than 6 years.
We absolutely adore Barcelona, and I guess for all intents and purposes, this is the place we call ‘home’. 

This Blog site will be a repository of all 3 Addictions– 
Marketing, Synaesthesia of tunes plus insane live visuals, and Traveling. Or perhaps the blog we revisit for a break.
Let’s see how it goes.

As you read on about our thinking behind marketing roles and projects, sneak a peek into our brains: (how the soundtrack to Pan’s brain is psytrance, and Kristina’s Dr.Seuss-influenced warped visuals), it will become clear how really, it’s just like Pan says all the time : “…it’s all about the journey.”

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