The Changing Face of Creative Britain


Art changes with life. Life changes art. The earth without art would be just “eh”. With the advent of digital marketing and various mind-blowing technologies to assist the artist express himself,  3D Printing to say the least, it’s no great surprise that it’s a 56 billion industry in the UK …

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Little Free Library Project

We will be doing the Little Free LIbrary in our front yard. Why? I have loved books since I was little.  Where other little kids got caught skipping school in the playground or doing something rather unsavoury, teachers that sought me for being late or M.I.A. caught me (predictably at …

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Umbrella Politics in London

Before I moved to London, no one told me that it actually rains about 30% of the year.  I suppose I should’ve known this from all the old films my mom used to watch where a Rain Scene was more often than not a mainstay in a film based in England. …

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