Insane Live vj

Kristina (AKA vj baby k)

If you haven’t already done so, google ‘vj baby k’ and click the vids to get a sneak preview into what I do as a vj….
Or shortcuts this way: YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and 
Alternate Reality.

A bit more about the history of my obsession:
I fell in love with visual media when I was a little kid; 
and today in various dance events all over the world, 
I’m akin to a big kid when doing live visuals.
One image melts into another; an unexpected splash of colour transforms into some warped visual story…
Each live visual set is like a snowflake, no two are the same.
+44.7952.412.168 (London / Europe)

vj baby k - elixir of life I use very high-quality vids created by Visual Artists from all over the world, and wicked intense high-definition graphics…I also build a lot of multi-media installations and create imaging and videos using the compositions.  I’ve recently also collaborated with exceptionally talented artists like Ben Heine, 
Jon Beinart and Laurie Lipton who have been gracious enough to grant me permission to use their visionary art in my mixes…The insane visual sequences that ensue I blame on a dr.Seuss-embedded warped imagination, as well as the genius of deejays I make them for.

Some artists I’ve been lucky enough to do live visuals for include Astrix, Talamasca, GMS, Skazi, Perplex, Reality Grid, M-Theory, Solar System, Pan, Deepsky, Oood, Laughing Buddha, Tristan, and other wicked deejays in events by Full Moon Festival Germany, Hommega, Tranceform, Antiworld, Halcyon, Chemistry, Psychedelic Academy, Psytribe, ATARI Project, etc.

My history with this addiction is simple really, 
I started as a very young museum guide in my early teens; and then worked on MTV projects when I was 19…BUT, the moment I found out the simple truth that there are 30 visually recognizable frames PER SECOND in an Audio Visual Presentation, there started the obsession…

You should come watch me do live visuals at the next festival, CHEMISTRY, or other dance event I guest in.  Better yet, come have a trancedance – I always dance like no one’s watching.

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