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Did you know that a cursory search on Amazon will generate more than 200 book titles when you search for “Marketing Bestsellers” and more than 5000 titles when you search for “Small Business and Entrepreneurship’…How do you find that gem of a book that becomes the catalyst for your entrepreneurial tipping point?  I myself absolutely love books.  Despite my obsession with all things digital, I grew up climbing trees.
The basics keep me firmly grounded in the reality of human connexions.

Recently, I helped launch The #CuratedBookshelf project in 2 parts:

First, we asked Entrepreneurs we love, and those who have shared their stories with Build British Business blog about the one book that inspired them to take The Leap.  The amazing thing is that additionally, these random acts of kindness poured in via Twitter and Facebook from those we didn’t ask directly…they simply saw  the campaign and wanted to join the conversation.

The second part is that new startups can win one of the Top 5 Books that inspired British Entrepreneurs, and we broadcasted that offer across various Verticals. And in several channels.

…and this is just the beginning.  Over the next few weeks I will be personally managing eMarketing Campaigns to Young Entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs, Designers and other people at that proverbial Tipping Point.  Books from the #CuratedBookshelf will be one of our conversations.

Read my blog about it in A Curated Bookshelf for That Entrepreneurial Tipping Point.
And please do share the thinking and join the conversations in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn today…

(Ed.Note: Here’s some recent support from: Entrepreneurship Life and Get Entrepreneurial in August and September 2013)

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