The American cartoonist Scott Adams once said that ‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’ In a world faced with corporate challenges and intense pressure for everyone to perform to a standard which is often beyond their means, it is these ‘mistakes’ which keep us sane. Art, as a form of expression, lets us cry out “Yes, I am unique! I am different.”

Prehistoric video gear

Prehistoric video gear

Even from a very young age, both of us were interested in creating one type of art form our another. Because neither of us were really any good at painting or drawing,  we expressed ourselves with other forms of creative activities. Writing, music and dance were some of our early temptations. At some point Pan found jewelry making and eventually event decorating too. Kristina began to delve into the magic of video when she was in her late teens, back when MTV was still new and everything was recorded and shot on the now obsolete bulky three-quarter inch tapes (which we still have somewhere in the basement). This obssion with RGB and seeing life at 30 frames per second eventually led Kristina to become a VJ, or as she calls it, “playing pretty pictures.”

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